Kambaii Health’s Mobile App

Kambaii Health’s objective is to provide patient-centric healthcare needs via our Mobile App that is linked to our innovative smart devices for healthcare needs of our members. All medical data is automatically recorded to our EMR system that can be viewed via the Kambaii Health App in real time. Kambaii Health App has numerous features and functionality, including temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, weight, and BMI data that can be viewed as a table or chart/graph. A Kambaii Health Web Portal that is linked to our EMR system allows members to also access all their health records and data. Kambaii Health has made all the services entirely digital via the Kambaii Health Mobile App that can be download for free on an android mobile phone and subscribe to our services hassle-free. Our app is easy to install and user-friendly; you do not have to put extra effort to learn all the features of the App. Through our App, any authorized family member or representative(s) you allow, can have access to your health portal and information about your health condition that includes receiving any alerts via text whether they are in Bangladesh or abroad. You can also use our App to call a Kambaii Health’s primary care physician (PCP) on duty. Moreover, if you are taking any medication, the Kambaii Health App that is integrated with the Kambaii Health EMR system will remind you to take your medication on time. If you forget to take the medication on time, the EMR system will alert you, your caregiver (if you have one) or any authorized family member as a reminder. The EMR system will also prevent you from taking the same medication twice via an alert message on the App. The EMR system also will record your medicine-taking patterns and will alert you of any drug interaction if you are taking multiple medications via our AI-based drug Interaction monitoring feature in our App.

The Kambaii Health Mobile App has the following features (with submodules) – My To-Do List, My Schedules, My Medicine, My Health Status, My Physical Therapy, My Nutrition, My Memory Health, My Medical Records, Request Call from Kambaii Health PCP, Request 2nd Opinion from a US Doctor. Using our App, you can schedule an appointment anytime with a Kambaii Health physician (doctor), nutritionist, physical therapist, wellness counselor or a Kambaii Health specialist according to your needs. In case of an emergency, you can also contact our Kambaii Health Provider on duty 24x7 from our App. You can also submit scanned lab reports, prescription to our EMRT system via our App. Our App has additional features for our Kambaii Health doctors for access to the EMR system and al our patients’ medical/health records. Using the App, our doctors can generate analytical reports for each patient. We offer 24x7 tech. support for our members. by phone, email or text.

Sample Screenshots of the Kambaii Health App