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Kambaii Health provides comprehensive healthcare services, including primary care, nutrition, physical therapy, and wellness counseling. These experts use advanced Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and an integrated mobile app to deliver holistic health solutions of the highest quality.

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Our Health Program is to ensure better care for our geriatric population who are above 60 years old, who can walk without any assistance and do not have serious medical conditions and are not critically/terminally ill.

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Our primary focus lies in providing access to quality healthcare for under-privileged populations in rural and remote areas. Kambaii Health is dedicate to bridging the gap by leveraging advanced technology to ensure these individuals receive the appropriate medical services they require.

Kambaii Health’s objective is to provide patient-centric healthcare via our innovative smart devices and Mobile App. Kambaii Health’s program is targeted for every individual’s healthcare needs and medical requirements and to proactively alleviate them. Kambaii Health’s smart EMR system and App connects our members to Kambaii Health licensed primary care physicians (both 24x7 online via video conferencing or in-person upon request), physical therapists, and nutritionists. Our smart devices provide 24x7 real-time monitoring of vitals and provides alert notification that predict health conditions/patterns through AI, ML with Big Data Analytics and technologies.

But much work lies ahead to achieve these goals…

4.2m more health care workers are needed to meet Cameroon, Nigeria needs.

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Why Kambaii Health Difference...

360° Wellness Program

Kambaii Health’s lifestyle changing 360° Wellness Program is a transformational program that is especially designed for geriatric population to empower them to live a happy, healthy, proactive and a productive life. Our goal is to ensure quality of healthcare through integrated medical management, medicine management, real time alert monitoring and target oriented wellness program that can forecast risks and fatalities for our members of the geriatric population.

Online Consultation with Primary Care Physician

Our medical board consists of expert physicians, who will review your health condition, and come up with the best treatment plan for your wellbeing. Upon enrollment, in your first online consultation visit with our PCP, we will determine and record all your medical history and he alth issues. Our PCP will ask you about your medical condition,.

Pathological Laboratory Support in Remote Areas and at Home

In partnership with AmarLab, we offer at-home lab specimen collect service. We will arrange to pick your any specimen for lab analysis at our home or at one of our Healthcare centers. All lab specimens are transported in high quality Sterile flasks secured lab sample bag. The Lab species are then sent to the nearest high-tech laboratory or ho- spital for evaluation.