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Kambaii health strives to become a healthcare innovation eco system for everyone involved in the healthcare process which includes partners from the tech industry, software developers and companies, academia, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and experts from different fields. Kambaii health (KH) started its journey in Bangladesh with the intention to provide quality of care for the marginalized population who barely had the access to healthcare services. This approach could be replicated in other LMICs.  KH’s approach was to bring positives changes in the healthcare space by different workstreams. 

Our Work Stream

  • KH opened up its’ EMR/EHR based telehealth platform for everyone (integrated patient app for patients and EMR/EHR system for any healthcare providers and clinicians for free of cost.
  • AI-based predictive analysis and precision medicine for the physicians and researchers
  • KH EMR is secured and uses US standards in access control protocols and security standards.
  • kambaii health innovation eco system brough innovators, engineers, students, software companies, hardware manufacturers under one umbrella and created a platform to improvise non-invasive medical devices and integrating them using IoT devices with Kambaiihealth EMR/EHR platform.
  • KH identified many gaps while setting up healthcare centers and during operations 
  • KH workflow process can be replicated in most hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers worldwide. 

KH platform created a global collaboration space for physicians, clinicians, and researchers to share knowledge, experience and help each other in using the followings:  Volunteer expert panel:

  • senior physicians with proper credentials around the world volunteers to provide support to fresh graduate physicians
  • Providing expert opinion (2nd opinion) to local physicians for any specific case 
  • Escalate a case instantly to a senior physician pool.
  • Online training/CME for clinicians.
  • KH is working with many universities and research institutes  in Bangladesh, Africa and USA 
  • KH data collection system is secured, protected and adheres US and International standards. 
  • KH data collection system is secured, protected and adheres US and International standards.
  • drug interaction review is often neglected due to many reasons. KH integrated EMR and patient App helps patients and physicians work together to prevent it.  The AI based features helps physicians to determine interactions.  
  • Process improvements of local labs  
  • Introduce mobile specimen collection centers and quality controlled and tracible specimen collection Process improvement in Logistics 
  • Instant upload of test results to the EMR system and notify PCP