Kambaii Health

Kambaii Health Outreach in Bangladesh

Our outreach goal is to set up at least 100 Kambaii Kambaii Health Care centers within the next two years in rural settings to provide very low-cost quality health care to the underprivileged population in rural communities of Bangladesh using our AI-based smart devices, EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system, and Mobile App. Kambaii Health’s program is targeted for every individual’s health care needs and medical requirements and aims to proactively alleviate them. Kambaii Heath also provides support to existing and new health centers in Bangladesh, BMDC licensed physicians with expertise from the senior physicians.

Additionally, via our partnership with AmarLab, lab specimens can be collected on-site for various lab tests. We have already established three Kambaii Kambaii Health Care centers – one in Rangpur, one in Brahmanbaria (Kambaii Health Dathmondal Health Center), and one in Chandpur (Kambaii Health Chandpur Health Center).

Pics from the Kambaii Health’s Dathmondal Health Care Center

Pics from the Kambaii Health’s Chandpur Health Care Center