Kambaii Health

Total Health care solution

Kambaii Health is an advanced AI-based telehealth and health monitoring platform powered by our smart EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system and Kambaii Health’s Mobile App that was developed by the Center for Robotics Innovation and Development-USA (CRID-USA). In Bangladesh, Kambaii Health is administered by CRID-DAM Robotics Labs, Ltd., a collaboration between CRID-USA and Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM). A special focus area of Kambaii Health is to provide better healthcare and to improve the quality of healthcare for the geriatric and the underprivileged population in rural settings and remote locations so that they lead a healthy and prosperous life. Telehealth services are especially beneficial during outbreaks, epidemics or pandemics using smart devices and App that allows 24x7 home monitoring of patient’s health conditions with real-time health data and alerts.

Kambaii Health’s objective is to provide patient-centric health care via our innovative smart devices and Mobile App. Kambaii Health’s program is targeted for every individual’s health care needs and medical requirements and to proactively alleviate them. Kambaii Health’s smart EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system and App connects our members (patients) to Kambaii Health licensed primary care physicians (both 24x7 online via video conferencing or in-person upon request), physical therapists, and nutritionists. Our smart devices provide 24x7 real-time monitoring of vitals and provides alert notification that predict health conditions/patterns through Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) with Big Data Analytics and other state-of-the-art technologies.

All health data is recorded in real time in our EMR system via the Kambaii Health smart devices and App. A Kambaii Health Web Portal that is linked to our EMR system allows members to access all their health records and data in real time.Kambaii Health has also arranged a team of American and Bangladeshi physicians and specialists, who will review the patient’s health status and provide a second opinion, if requested by the patient. Kambaii Health has made all the services entirely digital via the Kambaii Health Mobile App that can be download for free on their android mobile phone and subscribe to our services hassle-free. Kambaii Health also provides support to existing and new health centers in Bangladesh, Medical Licensed physicians with expertise from the senior physicians via Kambaii Health smart devices, EMR system and App. Additionally, via our partnership with AmarLab, lab specimens can be collected on-site for various lab tests.